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Zero Tolerance

Our staff come to work to care for others and it is important for all members of the public and our staff to be treated with courtesy and respect.

In line with the rest of NHS, and to ensure this is fully observed, we have a Dignity at Work and Zero Tolerance Policy. This means that rude, aggressive or violent behaviour towards our staff or any member of the public within our practice premises will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

If this behaviour does occur, this may lead to the police being notified or patients being removed from our list. Thank you.

Electronic prescribing service ( EPS)

By letting us know which pharmacy you prefer, we can send the prescriptions you need straight there for you to collect. Please give this process 24-48 hours to ensure the pharmacy have downloaded and dispensed your medication. Please ask at reception for further details.

Repeat Dispensing (RD)

If your on stable medication we can send 1 years worth of medication direct to the pharmacy for you. This means you do not need to order every month, just pick it straight up at the pharmacy when you have run out. Please ask at Reception for details.

Synchronise your medication

We can synchronise your medication so it all runs out together, all you have to do it count every tablet you have and tell the reception staff and they will do the rest.

Same day help for your poorly child

If your child has become unwell in the last few days and you would like urgent advice then please contact the surgery and we will arrange for a clinician to speak to you and if necessary to see your child.

This could save you an unnecessary trip to A+E or a Walk-in Centre.

Can we also make you aware of the Little Orange Book, which provides expert help for parents and carers on how to manage common problems in babies and small children they are displayed at the front desk so please take a copy.

 Same Day urgent appointments for adults

We offer same day urgent appointments for adults with complex medical conditions & those over the age of 65

Anyone not in this category may be offered an appointment at our extended access hubs ( they have been set up and funded by the Government to help General Practice meet demand) they are located:

Molineux Centre

Westgate Road

Ponteland Road

Lemington Centre

You will be seen by a GP and will be booked into a scheduled appointment by our Reception team.

Patient Participation Group PPG

If you would like to be a forum member and shape the way we deliver our service please let the reception team know. Quarterly Meetings are to be held at Roseworth Surgery from 1—2pm. Please note this is suspended due to Covid.

Non Attendance

As a practice we have approximately 200 unattended appointments every month

We deal with non attendance and lateness proactively so that our services are not strained we will send a letter if a patient had missed 3 appointments in the last 6 months before further action is considered

Wasted appointments may mean another patient who wants to see their GP or nurse can not.

We respectfully request all unwanted appointments are cancelled at least 1 hours in advance of the appointment time then it can be used for someone else who may be on the waiting list.

You can now access your patient record online.

You are now able to book /cancel appointments with the GP,

order repeat medication

View blood results

You can now also request full access of your records from the information governance team, just ask at reception for details.


The national data opt-out allows a patient to choose if they do not want their confidential patient information to be used for purposes beyond their individual care and treatment - for research and planning. Patients, or people acting for them by proxy, have control over setting or changing their own opt-out choice, and can change their mind at any time. For more information on the data opt out, please visit

If you wish to opt out of having your information shared, please either:

All you will need is your NHS number. Please contact the surgery for access to this. Thanks.

Our statement on NHS data sharing

This week we have received several calls and emails from patients about reported changes to how the NHS shares patient data.

We wanted to address the issue directly, especially as posts with inaccurate information are circulating on social media.

The issue centres on the National data opt-out. This allows patients to choose not to have their confidential patient information used for research and planning in the NHS.

There are two types of information that are collected about patients:

1 – Something that identifies you – name, address, date of birth

2 – Something about your health care or treatment

When these two are joined together – for example, your name and any medication you take – it’s called confidential patient information.

Confidential information in the NHS can be used in 2 ways:

1 – Your individual care – a GP looking at your health records when considering future treatment, for example

2 – Research and planning – when data is collected to help the NHS plan and improve service, and scientific or academic institutions to research and develop cures for illnesses, for example, the response to covid-19.

It is this second purpose that patients can opt-out from.

No Deadline to Opt-Out

A lot of the misinformation centres around a deadline of 30th September 2021. Specifically, that if patients don’t opt out before that date, they will be unable to.

This is not true. There is no deadline or limit to opting out of sharing your information for research and planning. You can check or change your opt-out decision whenever you choose to do so.

To check or change your choice at or by calling 0300 303 5678.

There is a 30th September deadline involved, but that is for health and care organisations to comply with the opt-out policy. It does not relate to or limit patients choices.

Correcting Misinformation

NHS Digital has produced a mythbusting page, correcting the misinformation that is out there.

The most important points are:

You can opt-out at any time – there is no deadline

We only share data to improve health and care

Health and care data helps the NHS respond to emergencies like Covid-19

There are protections in place to make sure your data is secure and safe

The NHS does not sell health and care data

Data is not shared with marketing or insurance companies

Opting Out

If you do not want your data shared outside of the practice, except for instance directly relating to your care, then you can complete a 'Type 1 Opt-out form'. This will stop your data from being shared with NHS Digital for research and planning. 

If you don’t want your confidential patient information to be shared by NHS Digital for purposes except your own care - either GP data, or other data held in the NHS, such as hospital data - you can register a National Data Opt-out

It is essential patients have a clear and accurate understanding of how their confidential data is used in the NHS, and for what purposes.

Further information can be found at or

Cardiovascular Risks. (CVR risk)

We use a QRISK calculator, it calculates your 10 year risk of heart attach & stroke over the next 10 years. Should the result be more than 10%, patients will be asked if they would like to be prescribed a statin medication to help reduce the risk. 

Lifestyle changes you could make to help reduce your CVR risk without medication include:

- Regular exercise, at least 150 minutes per week - A Balanced diet, at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day - Quit smoking - Moderating the amount of alcohol you drink - Losing weight

Patient information Leaflet about Statin Medication

Shingles Jab

The Shingles jab, like the Pneumococcal is a one off injection. It does not guarantee that you will never get Shingles again, but it will reduce your chances of getting it. If you do contract shingles after having the jab, it is likely that the symptoms will be milder and the illness period shorter. You are only eligible for a Shingles jab at a certain age. To check whether you are eligible, please ask the reception team.

Waiting List

If we do not have an appointment with the GP or Nurse that's suits you, we now can add you to the waiting list in case we have any cancellations.

Music playing in the Waiting Room 

We have had a few complaints about the type of music we play in the waiting room, please note we only play music in the main waiting room, the reason being consulting room 3 & 4 are not fully sound proofed. if you prefer no music then please sit in the small waiting area.

Friends & Family feedback

We will ask you to fill in a form for feedback this is a Government initiative, so please be honest, this is not for registering any complaints if you are unhappy with any part of the service please ask to speak to the Practice Manager. 

Jesmond Lower Gosforth Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks are part of a nationwide NHS scheme bringing local GP surgeries into small groups to work together on local health initiatives to improve healthcare for their local community. Networks will work together with local community health and social care services, local hospitals and voluntary services to improve health services and pathways .

Our network covers parts of Gosforth and Jesmond and includes the following practices

Jesmond Health Partnership
Grove Medical Group
Roseworth Surgery
Avenue Surgery
We meet regularly and look at ways we can work together to use current resources better and also to use some new resources that are being given to us to use across the network such as:

Patients on increasing numbers of medications and it is an ever lasting important aspect of healthcare to monitor patients medications.
The Pharmacist will work across the network supporting this work and liaising with community pharmacists and supporting frail patients in care homes.  

Social Prescribers

Staff to support social aspects of patients healthcareThese staff will work across the network where most needed

These roles are seen as extra to our current staffing but have to be employed within a network working pattern. Other future job roles may include physio, paramedics and physician associates. We are working with the local Primary Care Federation to provide us with experienced management and accountancy support. We work to normal NHS data sharing and confidentiality principles. The network has recently signed the BMA data sharing agreement document. We may use anonymous data within meetings to look at different clinical topics to assist with learning and improving future healthcare for our specific local population. As mentioned some new network staff may be required to work across the network and so access patient data in the practices within our network only. Personal data will only be shared across NHS services as before on a need to know basis ie if a patient has consented to a specific referral to hospital or community clinic. The network will not share any data to any outside third party without patient consent.

The current lead GP for the Network is Dr Guy Clements based at The Grove. Each practice has a link GP and if you need further information please contact your surgery practice manager.




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